Monday, June 23, 2008

Another day, another Blog

Although this one is pretty, as blogs go.

As part of my marketing assignment for my Jewelry Design and Sales business, we are supposed to increase our web presence through blogging.

Although I have a perfectly good blog on Ning (and I will add the link here sometime tomorrow), it has become somewhat of a social gathering site. Then when I started to create a blog here I had a power surge and had to start over, losing the first attempt. After creating Blog v2 (this one), Blog v1 shows up on my profile page. So this one is going to be my other assignment- to relieve stress by blogging it out.

So watch out world. Because lately most of my stress seems to be setting up these darned blogs. As well as taking pretty photograph of jewelry with impossible to capture color, adjust the white balance on the computer with the help of a cat that thinks she knows more about the keys on the keyboard than I do (and who is to say that she doesn't?), crop out the tail of said cat from the one perfect photo in 40, write up a witty, concise, and non litigous description to post on the site for sale, find a perfect price point by taking time to detail every last item used in creating the piece in the inventory program and then picking myself up off of the floor when the computer tells me that I am way underpricing my work, posting the item for $30 under that price and then waiting for someone to buy that item. Or maybe write and tell me that they like the item. Or even just click a button to post a stupid little heart and validate my feelings, damnit! Grrr.

Maybe I'll just go scrub the kitchen floor to relieve some stress.

I hope that you have a nice day.


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