Sunday, August 3, 2008

Of course Life's not fair; that's why they make bras in different sizes...

That's and expression I use on my daughter all of the time. Until recently she thought that I was making fun of her extremely curvaceous figure. Now she knows a little better.

This past month has been, shall we say, a little sucky. Although I have been feeling a little better and decided to test the waters and try for a part time nurse job, my husband was laid off from his job. The one with the nice income, the health insurance, the security. And it seems, with a mid-life crisis in full swing, that this is the perfect time to put off looking for a new job. His excuse is that he has some vacation and severance pay coming.

Uh-huh. I know how long that money will last.

So, I had to put job hunting at the top of my list, but with work restrictions that left me with some really interesting jobs. Pill-pusher at a nursing home (30 minutes away). Pill-pusher at a clinic (60 minutes away). Home visits to give bed baths (choose your city, lots of driving). Office visits to dental offices to draw blood and give vaccines to dental assistants (over 2 counties!).

This last one as an independant contractor, which means at your own risk, so in addition to the high cost of gas add in malpractice insurance.

None of these paid enough to make the mortgage payment every month. And they would all seriously cut into my jewelry creating time and money.

But, all of my karma points must have come in handy, because I landed a much sought-after position at a major insurance company as a specialty review nurse! Although there is a lot of training that I need to go through (2 weeks down and a few more to go), and I am a temp to hire, when I am done I will have a very good career with great benefits- which I will need if DH doesn't get through this midlife crisis soon.

So, now I am off to Arizona in the morning to Art Unraveled ( ) with my daughter Amanda. I'll post the details here as I can, since I will be taking some jewelry classes from the fabulous Susan Lenart Kazmer, as well as others.

Fabulous artistic jewelry and a renewed spirit soon to come! And DH is home with the boys for a week.

So sometimes Fair is subjective.