Monday, September 15, 2008

Role Reversal

We seem to have an inadvertant social experiment going on in our home.

Mama (that's me) has had to return to the working world because of necessity. Coinsiding with the latest remission in my fibromyalgia was a job offer that I couldn't refuse, not only because it was a great job for a great company with a really nice salary for a desk job, but because my other half found himself the victim of the latest round of downsizing in his company.

So Daddy, for the first time he can remember, is unemployed. with construction companies either downsizing or filing chapter 11 or closing everywhere here, he can't find a job in his field, let alone at his previous salary. Which was more than twice what my aforementioned really nice salary is, even though my entire career has been in healthcare saving lives, taking continuing education to keep a license, college- oh, enough of that soapbox, I was on the box over here. That one is for another time...

So, Daddy is home now. And he is trying to look for a job. Really. But he is finding that he doesn't want to go back to work at a stuffy old desk job anyore. And he is overqualified for those local truck delivery jobs he seems to have applied for instead. And he keeps talking about staying home letting us take care of him for awhile. Uh, no, I don't think so. Not unless YOU want to run my store and make money with it while I work. And I have seen your color combinations.

Anyway, the kids now have stopped reminding me that this is Daddy's house, because he works to pay the bills. And tonight when my daughter asked me when I could take her to go get her hair cut, I remended her that I did not get off of work until 4 PM, unless she wanted to wait until the weekend. It was then she remembered that it was her Daddy that would have to take her to those personal errands like haircuts. I guess no little pedicures snuck in for her anymore. I'm not sure that Daddy will sit with her and get a manicure while waiting for her to get done with that. LOL

Here's hoping to the failure of this experiment, that Daddy gets a job and goes back to work. Then I can get back to my own little extras, liks hair cuts and buying new jewels to create with.


PS Check out the eSMArts showcase, good for another 24 hours. Mine is the Red Fossil coral and Sterling necklace pictured.

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MyGemStoneBox by Diane said...

Here's hoping that the economy in general picks up. I've been there too.... it's not fun. But, we all get through it. Hope things return to "normal" for you soon.