Thursday, July 3, 2008

Have a safe and happy Independnce Day

The 4th of July is just a date, and I refuse to wish people have a happy 4th of July this year, any more than I would think of wishing them a happy 23rd of October or something. After all, it's our Independance Day. No need to go PC and change the name or anything. So be proud and call it what it is.

On a related note of being proud, and Independance Day...

With the increased incidence of traffic accidents and the need for blood donations this weekend, my 20 year old son decided to donate blood for the first time this week. Today was the day. So, John, I dedicate this entry to you. Your father and I are proud of you. We know how much it took for you to do this. You did it, and you did not even pass out or get sick!

We love ya, John! You Rock!

Please drive safely, leave ALL fireworks to the experts (Safe and Sane are neither safe nor sane), and donate blood to your own local blood bank if you are at all able.

Oh, and I did try to read a bead magazine while I waited, but i just keep looking at my son and talking to my friend instead. But I do have a few days now to get some little stuff made, thanks to the Independance Day weekend.


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Shelley said...

Way to go John! If only more young people would take on the responsible life.